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Helping your employees get back to their full potential!

Using Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Treatments

Do you have loyal good employees, who have worked for you for years know their jobs inside out and are an absolute asset to the company?

Then after suffering time off work due to a number of reasons (see below) they are underperforming, not working to the same capacity as they did, making mistakes, cannot concentrate or just lost their confidence and you are concerned about their future with the company.

Jacqueline Sayer-Noble DipCST

Helping your employees get back on track

Hello, I am Jacqui Sayer-Noble, I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist with a Diploma in Counselling. I have been working in this capacity for over two years and training for three. However, for a period in excess of twenty-five years, I was a successful personal injury lawyer having been employed with some of the leading firms of solicitors in this country.

I decided some three years ago that I wanted to help my clients in a different way as I had become aware over so many years that there was a gap in what us Lawyers and the Doctors were able to provide to return a client to where they were before they suffered injury. I would deal with obtaining maximum damages for the injuries, suffering and losses and the doctors would treat the physical injuries but when there were ongoing psychological problems that were not severe enough to warrant treating by the mental health team, the only offer of help was antidepressants, which would ease the symptoms but would not resolve the problem. Occasionally Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) would be offered which worked for a time with some not others and if they were lucky a few sessions of Counselling on the NHS or perhaps through payment from the third party Insurer but these sessions were limited.

There is an obvious need to help people recover psychologically from injury and illness and other problems. The need to return them to full capacity and I can do this using my Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling skills.





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